Sunday, June 17, 2012

Combinational Motifs

Another of the sessions for the chess camp this summer will focus on the elements of combination, motifs. Usually, a combination will require more than one motif.

It is key to recognize that attacks are against targets (king, material gain, squares) not pieces.

Here is my current list of motifs. Like for the seeds, I intend to update this post as I refine this list:
  • Removing Defender
  • Geometrical
    • Fork
    • Pin
    • Skewer
    • Xray
    • Discoveries
      • Discovered check
      • Double check
      • Unmasking (discovered attack)
  • Trapping the king (Checkmate--a very large and important topic)
  • Trapping other pieces
  • Moving an opponents piece
    • Distraction(Deflection)-moving a piece off a square, line or task
    • Attraction-bringing a piece to a square
  • Moving ones own piece
    • Clearance-getting a piece off a square or line
    • Interference-breaking the connection of opponents pieces
  • Blocking-denying squares to enemy pieces (especially the king)
  • Desperado-your piece is lost (or mutual hanging), do something good with it, first. 
  • Zugswang

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