Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How I use Fritz to analyze a game. part2

First step is to save the Fritz annotation into a database. I don't want to step on the database that comes with Fritz, so I have created a "Newz" database for my games (Application Menu=>New=>New Database), and I save the game to that database (Database Application Menu=>Save=>Save) which appends the current game to the database.

Since I am going to add a lot of verbose comments as preparation for making a video. I will save the changes I am making into "My Videos" database.

I go through the game looking for interesting positions. I am looking to find one to three particular things to focus on for improvement.

The opening variations, which are deleted in the above picture, are not interesting to me. I am happy with my play through move 7.  Since my opponent played d4, I wanted to post a knight on c4 and start kingside action with f4, so I wonder if I could have used a better move order to do this. Can I deepen my understanding of these structures? In particular, I want to better understand when to exchange the Nc4 for my opponents "bad" bishop, or allow it to be exchanged on c4 for his "good" bishop.

I seem to lose the thread of the game between move 15 and move 26, where Fritzes improvements change from slightly positive to slightly negative. Things continue to go down hill from there, so my planning ideas are not working out. I need to identify what I did not understand about this position and generalize for future improvement.

At the end of the game, we both make several errors, his worse than mine or the game would not have been a draw. I do not know the meaning of the house like symbol that Fritz decorates the move 38 variation, but it seems that it is suggesting I should have worked for counterplay with b4. I did not seriously consider this move in the game, as I thought I could not stop the pawn without my rook, and I had decided, I needed to control/contest the f-file to hold the position.

All of the above point to areas to inspect for lessons. I add text after moves (right click on move in notation window for drop down menu choices) to record my thoughts and questions.

I will focus on one of these areas for my next post. I should address all of them and more in the video.

link to next part

Update: the little house symbol that decorates move 38 means "better is" (right click pull down, RR..., select better is)

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