Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcoming tournament preparation

At the end of January starts a four week period, in which there are three tournaments: Minnesota Winter Open, Rochester Winter Open, and the Minnesota Open (which of course takes place in winter, this is Minnesota!).

I need to buckle down and finish How to Reaccess Your Chess (Silman 3rd edition), play over some master games in my openings using Soltis' method from Studying Chess Made Easy, and get some practice games in, though it is difficult to schedule in the local chess club meetings.

Now is also a busy period for scouts (this is Minnesota!) and scholastic chess. The Rochester Chess Club is having a tournament on 1/22, but the scout troop is helping out at the local scout camp's "Polar Cubs" event that same Saturday is just one collision.

Finishing the posts on analyzing with Fritz should also be good preparation.

The good news is that after the flurry, I will have 14 new tournament games to mine for improvements.

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