Friday, September 30, 2011

Game Analysis--Cabablanca v Tartakower NY 1924

I bought a chess book for my son. The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played by Irving Chernev. It was a 1992 edition that is in descriptive notation. So I have taken it as an exercise to periodically take a game from that book and analyze it myself. I will then compare my analysis to Chernev and when I can find it others. As this game is from the NY 1924 tournament, for which I have the book. I also have Alehkine's annotations.

The NY 1924 tournament is very interesting. I was 22 rounds of games among some of the strongest players of the time. The previous world champion Em. Lasker took first, the current world champion Capablanca took second, and the next world champion Alekhine took third. Marshall, Reti, Maroczy, Bogoljubov, Tartakower,  Yates, Ed. Lasker, and Janowski rounded out the field. Bogo lost 9 games, so there has got to be a really great game there. The prize fund was $5475 with expenses of the players $3568 and travel $1940. The dollar sure was stronger back then.

Here is my commentary on Cabablanca v Tartakower NY 1924. I analyzed the game alone first, then looked at the notes of Alekhine from the tournament book. I think I covered most of what Chernev did, but his is better.

Instructive 1

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