Saturday, October 29, 2011

A few quick items

Tactics Problems:

I have been doing Chess Tactics Server problems for a week, 10 minutes a day. CTS only has blitz mode, so I have to pick a solution quickly. I think Chess Tempo has much better statistics and a better interface. I will try Chess Tempo blitz this next week. I think the blitz problems are showing me more images. I hope I am turning the missed or too slow problems into quality images. I do go over them carefully after the session.


I just got the Steps Method chess course (English version) from New In Chess. I did not get any of the extras. I do not think there will be much in it to improve my chess playing, but I hope I can use it to help me teach better. I will post a review after I have evaluated the materials.

The BSA chess merit badge is longer than I thought. I tried to combine the endgame instruction portion and notation instruction with playing and recording a game(the scouts must do three) in a single troop meeting, and I ran out of time. Also, a significant portion of the class set up the beginning position wrong, so I goofed in not teaching that.

Studing Master Games/Opening Prep:

I have finished the first pass of a Catalan book, and am starting on an English opening book to start covering non-d4, non KID responses to 1.Nf3. I will start playing 2.d4 in response to 1...d5. I have already begun sparring with Fritz. I find that my exemplar (Aleksander, Wojtkiewicz) like to transpose into the Maroczy bind given a chance, so I have more resources to find. He also played the Accelerated Dragon as black, which is one of the candidates I am considering for expanding my black repertoire.

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