Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The first tournament of the season is over. A local 4-round G/60 tournament last Saturday.

I played poorly, and was wondering if I am losing ground, not just reaching a plateau. OTOH, one loss was due to errors in the early endgame, and a faulty decision on the exchange combination that led to the endgame. Just the areas of my game, that I want to work on.

The other loss was a dead draw, but I lost on time. Maybe, not so bad on a fast time control for me.

One major change in 2011 was that I did not play any online chess. This greatly reduced the amount of chess games vs humans that I was playing. The computer does not make tactical mistakes (except Fritz sparring), so perhaps I am missing opportunities in my human games.

I will try to add at least one daily online game to my routine.

Three more tournaments in the next 4 weekends plus a round of the TCCL.

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