Monday, February 20, 2012

Minnesota Open 2012

I closed out this chess season on a high note, with a win of the Amateur section (under 2000 USCF) of the 2012 Minnesota Open with 4 wins, no losses and a final round draw to clinch the win.  Lots of the 1900-1999 rated players played up in the Premier section. I am looking forward to playing in the Minnesota Closed Championship next month.

I played solid as white and won/drew in the endgame. One win as black was similar, but the other win as black was a castle on opposite wings with a pawn storm race. Not sure I will learn much from that game, but it was exciting.

My opening play as white could have been better, and I should learn a lot from those games.

With the chess season over, I should have time to make more substantive blog posts.


  1. Do you know who won in the premier section? Bartholomew? Nagle?

  2. Nagel and Drake drew their fifth round game to share the top spot in the Premier section.