Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MN Closed Championship results

My last round game was a quick draw, so I took the opportunity to drive home in the daylight. I got the final results from the USCF website. All sections had clear winners. Sean Nagel is the 2012 MN state champion. Dane Bruno Zagar won the amateur section. Seth Kaplan-Turner won the reserve.

My play was mixed. Besides the early perpetual in the fifth round, I feel I only played well in one game(my second round draw). I had a winning endgame against Zagar and blew it.  My only win came as a result of a blunder by my opponent.

The most striking thing was in the first game after my opponent played 1.e4, I reached for and touched my b8 knight. Aaack! I have never played the Nimzowitch defense in my life, and here I am commited to it! I messed up the opening, no surprise, and had to sac a piece to save my queen. I managed to snag three pawns for it, but was not able to consolidate and lost my extra pawns, one by one.

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