Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 US Championships May 16

Championship round 8

Nakamura had another interesting game. It looked good for Stripunsky several times, but Nakamura kept finding resources. I particularly liked Nakamura's precise rook and king placement at the end.

Ramirez led Akobian into wild territory with an unusual benoni.

Lenderman blunted Kamsky's kingside pawnstorm attack by trading pieces, but ended up in a lost endgame, anyway.

Women round 7

The important game Zatonskih-Krush was a draw.

Goletani used the Botvinnik system to overcome Abrahamyan's KID. This is an important game for me to understand, as the Botvinnik system seems to be a favorite weapon of titled players against lower rated opponents that favor kingside fianchettos.

Foisor slowly strangled Melekhina with a Saemisch variation of the KID.

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