Saturday, April 20, 2013

Master Game Analysis: Petrosian v Korchnoi, Leningrad, 1946

I had the idea last year to try to memorize great games. I found that my memory is not good enough, and the games I memorized slowly ebbed away, if I did not refresh them.

So a new attempt is born. The idea is to weekly annotate a master game and post it on my blog. I will attempt to study the game following the advice of Soltis in "Studying Chess Made Easy".

I will chose games that have been well annotated, but I will not look at the annotations or use an engine until after I am done. Important moves that I did not comment on will become Flash Cards.

In this first attempt, I did not spend enough time on the third pass and missed two very important things and did not do enough analysis of the tactics. Two flash cards and reset of expectations of how much time I need to set aside for this task.

This is a very short game. Petrosian made a rare (at the time) opening move, and two very Petrosianish moves during the game that I missed on my analysis. One improving his queen while hindering his opponents plan, and the other offering material (a pawn)

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