Wednesday, November 13, 2013

World Championship 2013: Anand - Carlsen, round 4

The most interesting game so far. Lots of fireworks in the variations. Anand sacrifices a pawn to tie up Carlsen in a Ruy Lopez Berlin Wall, but Carlsen escapes the bind and keeps his extra pawn, but the resulting R+P ending is very drawish.  The game is not over, but I have to go. I will update with an annotation of this game later today.

I am watching the coverage (starts at the half hour after start of the game) on my computer, and watching the game moves on my tablet with the World Championship app. For me this is better than chessbomb, because there is no computer evaluation. The coverage has a live board, but does not show the clocks.

Update: A very interesting draw. Much more fireworks than would be expected from a Berlin Wall. Anand's pawn sacrifice idea is one for Berlin players to watch out for, unless you are as good on defense as Carlsen.

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