Monday, December 2, 2013

Memory: Game annotation and memorization

I still think memorizing whole instructive games is a worthwhile activity. I did not have much success with my first attempt, but the recent memory course my wife bought has sparked some ideas.

I need to do multiple sessions. Each session should be shorter than the previous and after a longer time period. I should create my own annotation for the game in the process, which might produce a blog post.

The first session will be time consuming. First thing in the morning, I will start with a plain score (.pgn file) in Fritz with the engine and opening book turned off. Using Soltis's three pass method, I will annotate the game in Fritz and add diagrams at what I think are the important points.

The second session will start after an hour break. I will compare my annotations to at least one well annotated source. I will note major variations that I missed, and update my annotations (crediting the annotation source). I will check my opening annotations against Fritz's opening book.

The third session, after a four hour break, will begin with a test. I will play through the game at a board from memory and write down the score. When I realize I have gone astray, I will keep my diversion as a variation and try from the point I am clear. I will stop when I am lost, or have completed the game. I will then compare to my annotated pgn game. I will enter my errors as new variations. I will think carefully about the moves I missed and update my annotations. I may begin to formulate a blog post about the game.

The fourth and fifth sessions will be the next day, morning and evening. I will repeat the test and study of the third session. I will finish the blog post.

Maintenance sessions take place before I start to memorize a new game. I will sit down with a set and go through all the games I have memorized. I will do memorization sessions three through five on games that I have trouble with.

I may do this with key games from my opening repertoire, but may not include them in maintenance

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