Monday, February 17, 2014

Minnesota Open 2014

Bartholomew won the 2014 Minnesota Open with a perfect score, with Nagle, Tang, and Amarashinge in a 3 way tie for second.

Amarashinge re-entered after losing his first round game to our local protege Leker-Locker. His re-entry gave me my first loss. I was white in a line of the KID that I have not looked at much. I deviated from my preparation on move 8. I had a good idea on move 13, but did not follow up precisely.

Saturday was a miserable day for me with two more losses after the first. In the latter games, I had an advantage and messed up both times. Good learning experiences, I hope. I did not have a good night's sleep Friday and did not eat much on Saturday. I think both were contributors to the latter two losses.

I easily won both games Sunday, after a good nights sleep, breakfast, and lunch.

I need to spend some attention to playing "easier" (Soltis "What It Takes To Be A Chess Master"), so long days do not wear me out so much.

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