Thursday, May 29, 2014

Math Teaching

I have gone back to school to get a certificate to teach mathematics. This is going to drastically reduce the time I have to spend on chess. I may have to change my goal from improvement to maintenance until I get out from under the workload of the first few years of teaching.

I might have to move to back to KIA and Pirc to relieve the issue of opening knowledge.

I must keep practicing tactics. It will be a good break from my other work.


  1. Newz: Sorry to hear financial concerns have pressed you away from full pursuit of your journey. Best of luck there.

    I'm curious how those memory exercises for openings and games worked out. I've started memorizing games to improve my visualization. I have no interest in playing blindfold chess but I do want to be able to visualize without relying on a board.

    I was struck by a quote from George Koltanowski, one of the the all-time great blindfold players, who said that if you get lost when playing blindfold just replay the moves from the beginning.

    Strangely that works for me -- assuming I can remember the moves. I can see the board much more clearly, including the color of the squares, if I've built up the position as a context through a sequence of moves.

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