Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kings Indian Attack vs French; Fischer vs Myagmarsuren

I am trying out a new widget to present this game. There  is just a little HTML to add, and it invokes a program from Chess Web Publishing. There are full and easy to follow instructions on that link.

I copied the game and analysis from chapter 4 of Modern Kings's Indian Attack by Hall and Cartier. Which appears to be a reprint of an article by GM Alexander Chernin "The Evolution of Bobby Fischer's Treatment of the King's Indian Attack".

I ran into two French defense variations against my KIA in the Minnesota Winter Open, so I thought I would review this chapter as part of analyzing those games.

There is only one game after this that black plays 14.Na5 in the database (comes with Fritz 12). That game is also an impressive win with white.

The French is popular these days, so I expect I will see more of them.

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