Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rochester Winter Open 2011 Results

In all of my games Black won! I had Black in three of them, so I did well. I played 4 class B players, and an Expert. I goofed a drawish ending against the Expert, while under time pressure. My other loss was to a local that has beaten me three times now. My wins were a KID, a Pirc, and a KID style defense against a Reti/English in which I attacked on the kingside without a locked center. The last will make a fun video, I think. Two of my wins involved a turning down of a perpetual, one worked out for the decliner and the other did not.

First impression  takeaways:
  • Two games I made a mistake by playing c5, once as white, once as black.
  • I should practice endgames against the computer with a short time limit (30sec a move?)
  • I am more prone to tunnel vision in time pressure.
  • I may under evaluate my position, when I come out the other side of attacking pressure.
  • "Hang tough and keep fighting." is good advice, but be sure if you turn down a perpetual.
  • IM Victor Adler looks like a kindly grandfather, but is scary across the chess board. only some losses by him, I wonder why?

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