Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interesting game between two class D players

I annotated this game for a couple of local players, and I think it has some interesting middle game errors that short of balanced out into an interesting rook and pawns endgame.

I am trying something new with this post. It is a pdf file of a printout of a game I annotated in Fritz. I have several ways of creating chess documents into pdf, but Fritz is the easiest to get, though not the easiest to control the output.

I am using the Scribd method from this post

But in short the method is to upload to Scribd and use the embed button under Share to get the HTML to embed. I think the lack of contrast in the diagrams is due to Fritz. They show up well off the printer, but are a little light in the Acrobat reader. They show up a little better if you use the Scribd "fullscreen" button.


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