Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing to win or Playing to learn (aftermath)

Well, the run has been too good to last. I messed up badly in last weekend's tournament, and I have two games to learn from :)

The first loss was a Pirc, which showed me I was missing an important aspect of the Pirc. In the classical variation, where white looks to exchange bishops via Bh6, Black's light square bishop should be traded for White's Nf3. This will enervate White's attack.  I am sure there are more that I will discover in the future, because the Pirc is a tricky defense to play. I also made a strategic error in the endgame, which I will need to study to extract some general lessons. I think I should have been able to salvage a draw.

The second loss featured a strategic mistake. Again I released the tension, when I should not have. This is an important area for me to really work at understanding better. I also made some calculation/visualization errors, but I am clear on how to improve those.

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