Monday, February 4, 2013

TCCL 2013 round 5

Another substitute board 4. Our opponents lineup has been in flux anyway, so I did not have much clue what to prepare against. I chose to work on the Dutch a bit, but did not face it.

My opponent played well though he was punching well above his weight class. I basically just played solid and took advantage of the weaknesses he made in his position and slowly squeezed him. This is precisely the kind of game I hope to make a regular thing, but against stronger players. I made several imprecise moves and have identified things I can improve.

On one move in particular, I forced him to improve his position.

I played the simply awful 15.Ba7 which forces his rook to a better square. In keeping with my plans, 15.a5 to fix the hole on b6 would have been better. My knight could take up residency there. Houdini thinks now is the time to strike and favors 15.e5.

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