Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 US Championships--final round 2

I hope the advertising revenue on the videos is enough to cover the cost of the video coverage. There is one web site (seems to be from Sweden) advertising a weekly chess news show (in English) on Chess magazine, New In Chess magazine and ICC are also advertising.

Shulman needs a win against Kamsky, who is playing a Slav Defense very solidly, gaining small advantage after small advantage, making things look bad for Shulman.

Krush played similarly as white against Baginskaite's Nimzo-Indian.

Abrahamyan once again is playing her King's Indian against the fianchetto variation. Zatonskih is playing solidly, but the pawn structure is dynamic and it is a much more interesting game. Also, both players used a lot of time between moves 10 and 20, leaving them both with about 20 minutes for the next 20.

I arrived too late to see any of the Shankland Hess game, but they must have drawn, because they went into an Armageddon game at 5:00pm CDT. Hess got black and draw odds with a bid of 19:55 vs Shankland's 45 minutes must win with white.

GM Ashley keeps going back to his puns: "Horses need stable squares, and this horse is looking for greener pastures"

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