Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 US Championships--round 4

I am not going to get to watch the whole round live today, and I will be on the treadmill for the part I will get to watch, so I will fill this in later.

Update: Lots of decisive games this round. Many interesting endgames.

Robert Hess won a second time with black, this time defending an exciting Scots game from Shabalov.

Abrahamyan had a very pretty mating attack to finish off her game with Goletiani, who is having a very rough tournament so far.

Baginskaite also ran a successful kingside attack against Melekhina's King's Indian with ...c5

Krush and Zatonskih fought a tense battle long into a very complex endgame, where Zatonskih made an inaccuracy and Krush was able to capitalize.

Ehlvest chose to go closed vs Kamsky's Sicilian, but was not able to develop a king side attack. Ehlvest may have resigned early rather than face a long difficult losing endgame against Kamsky down two knights to a rook with lots of pawns on the board. A very definite candidate for playing against Fritz.

Shulman and Ivanov settled into an interesting King,Knight and Pawns endgame where Ivanov slipped up and let Shulman get a passed pawn on the far side of the world.

Kaidanov forced a trade of queens vs Onischuck ended in a King and Pawn endgame which involves a lot of counting of pawn races.

Robson's French defense overcame Stripunky's King's Indian Attack treatment.

Foisor v. Zenyuk ended in a Queen and pawn endgame with an advantage for Foisor

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