Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rochester CC April 2011 results

I did well with 3.5 out of 4. I beat class A, C, and E players, and drew with a class B.  The draw was against a player that had beaten me 3 time before, now I am 0-3-1 against him.

I offered a draw in a won endgame, because I would have needed time to work out how to win, and I only had  2.5 minutes left on my clock (5 sec delay). I need to work at my endgames. I also need to practice the move method and be disciplined, so I don't end up in time pressure. OTOH, early in the game, I sacrificed a pawn (ok, I dropped it) and got "insufficient compensation", luckily he returned the favor later.

I was late seeing a combination against the class A player, but he did not remove the possibility, and it was almost as good a move later. It won a pawn and gave me a dominant position, sort of like I got the compensation for a pawn, and an extra pawn, too.

In both of the other games, I entered the ending with a slight advantage, and was able to capitalize on their errors. One or two games may make good videos, but I still am not finished with the games from the Minnesota Closed tournament.

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