Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am really pleased with my playing attitude right now. I was happy after all of my games in the Minnesota closed, even the losses. I am close to being indifferent to whether I win, lose or draw, as I will learn more from a draw than a win, and learn the most from a loss. People naturally are more unhappy with a loss than they are happy with a win (read this about the sunk cost fallacy).

I think I have been on this road a while. Since I "retired" in 2003, I have been actively managing my retirement savings through an Ameritrade account. I have not been day trading, but a combination of long term investing and short term trading. Losses are a fact of life in stock investing, and learning to let a losing stock go and redirect what one can get out of it to a possibly better choice is important. Overcoming the lure of the sunk cost is important to this.

Since I have difficult goal in mind (see my first post), I must make improvement more important than current success.

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