Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 US Championships--round 3

Ivanov and Naroditsky are playing what looks like a fairly straightforward Najdorf Sicilian (if there ever is such a thing), but have not reached move 20 and both are under 15 mins left on their clocks.

Seirawan vs Shabalov looked fairly tame until Shabalov's 22 move and then some fire works went off.

Robson vs Kamsky is a closed Ruy Lopez, that looks like it might finish some time next week.

Irina Krush looks like she survived a pawn sac by Goletiani in a Richter-Rauzer and in Sicilian fashion has a roaring counter attack.

Shankland tried to play a slow positional squeeze against Chritiansen, but Larry inevitably found a way to attack, but a big exchange happened and there is a hard fought endgame ahead.

Finegold got a pawn deep into Kaidanov's position at c6, and things look interesting. Finegold tries to balance defense of his pawn on c6 and pressure on the kingside.

In a kind of mirror image, Foisor playing black has an isolated pawn on d4, which could be weak, but is also cramping of Abrahamyan's position.

Ivanov found an interesting combination against Naroditsky's Najdorf after an interesting attack.

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