Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chess event in Red Wing Minnesota

 Bob Long, the publisher of Thinker's Press (Davenport Iowa,) is having a "Chess Soiree" in Red Wing on the weekend July 29-30

He sent out a flyer in his most recent catalog (via email). Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky (author of The Road to Chess Improvement) will be there.

• A discussion of chess learning systems. $30 book provided as part of this workshop.
• A King’s Gambit Accepted 10 minute tournament to improve TACTICAL skills.
• A FREE copy of Abbazia 1912 + “best” games from the tournament. BE A STAR!
• Planning and Preparation Workshop—a study in scarcity.
• Yermolinsky’s simultaneous exhibition to close the event followed by our nite out!

$189 for the event.

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